Bonnel Takes from Bosnakyan

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 5/11

Level 10: 400-800 / Ante 100

Julien Bonnel limped in first to act and Arman Bosnakyan raised to 3,400 out of the small blind, Bonnel came along for the ride. On the AsJs9h flop, Bosnakyan continued for 5,000 and was called before making it another 12,000 to go on the 8d turn. Bonnel called after some consideration, before the 10h on the river was checked through. Bonnel rolled over Qs8s for a straight and Bosnakyan sighed, briefly showing AhKc for top pair, top kicker.

Julien Bonnel – 75,000

Arman Bosnakyan – 35,000

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