Bislick Takes One, Tamulevicius Doubles

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 35/49

Level 6: 150-300 / Ante 25

On the four-way turn Jh9c5c7s, Marc Isman bet 2,650 out of the big blind and Viktor Karkus called in the hijack. Ramses Bislick raised to 9,000 from one seat over and Corinne Hodebar folded, Isman folded with his short stack as well.

Karkus gave it some thought and came to the same conclusion, mucking Th10d face up. Bislick showed 7h5h for two pair and moved back to around 38,000, while Karkus remains with 43,000.

Chip leader Ricardo Cheng-A-June just took a hit, but remains on 90,000. Preflop, he raised to 1,650 out of the small blind and Jozef O’Neil as well as Darius Tamulevicius in the cutoff called. On the JhJd7d flop, Cheng-A-June continued for 5,000 and O’Neil folded, Tamulevicius called.

The 6h turn went check, check, and the 6c river saw Cheng-A-June check. Tamulevicius moved all in and was called for 11,250 after Cheng-A-June asked for a count and gave it 30 seconds of consideration. Tamulevicius flipped over Jc7c for the flopped full and Cheng-A-June mucked KcKd.

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