Bislick Busts in Two Hands

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 21/49

Level 11: 500-1,000 / Ante 100

Towards the end of the last level, the stack of Ramses Bislick was melted and gone within two hands before the blinds went up right after. Bislick had a big flip with AdKc against the 2s2c of Paul Benichou and the board ran out 8c8h5d7d10c. The stacks were counted and Benichou doubled for 19,400, Bislick was left with just 700.

One hand later, Viktor Karkus limped in and William Cabre raised to 2,600. Bislick called all in and Günther Schuster called in the big blind, as did Karkus. On the 6s6d2c flop, Cabre continued for 4,000 and just Schuster check-called before doing so on the 7d turn for 7,000. The 10c river was checked and Schuster showed 5c5h. Cabre revealed AsAc and Bislick was eliminated with Ad10h.

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