Binici and Distribue Double

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 9/134

Level 21: 5,000-10,000/1,000

At the end of the last level, Ibrahim Binici open-shoved for 118,000 from late position with the QsQc and Ray Carter reshoved from the cutoff with AdKs. The board came Jd9h6d3c8c and Binici doubled.

Then, Jane Mignanelli moved all in for just 28,000 and Binici folded for 18,000 more out of the big blind, flashing 8c5c. Mignanelli flipped over AcAs … .

Right after, Vincent Distribue first doubled for 19,000 with Ac2c against the AhKh of Richard Smith thanks to a board of 10c7c10s2s10h before then getting it in for 61,000 with JcJs. Stephen Saleh reshoved in the small blind with 9h9c, but failed to get there with a board of 6c4c2c5d5s. Carter had 200,000 left, Saleh dropped to 20,000 and Distribue staged another comeback to currently 135,000.

The levels now last 45 minutes each.

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