Big Pot for Hodebar

$135 PLO Event 15/30

Level 10: 500-1,000

On the six-way flop of Js8d3s, Peter Bosch bet 3,000 and Thomas Kremser called. Corinne Hodebar came along from the cutoff and a short stack then moved all in for 11,700 on the button. Only Kremser and Hodebar called before the Qh fell on the turn. Kremser checked and Hodebar moved all in for what appeared to be 35,200.

That had Kremser covered and he folded, later said in table chat he had a set of eights.

Button: 6c3d3h2d for bottom set

Corinne Hodebar: QdQsJh9c for top set on the turn

The 7d on the river failed to improve the player at risk and Hodebar claimed the pot, building her stack to 80,000. Kremser has 31,000 left, while Bosch remains the biggest stack at the table with around 85,000.

Soon after, the next level kicked off and the blinds moved up to 500-1,000.

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