Benichou and Soltani Start Well; van Eyck Gets Some

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 37/39

Level 2: 50-100

On a board reading 5cKhKcJc6d, there was a bet and Rajesh Jhangiani raised it up to 2,000. Arman Soltani in early position announced a reraise to 10,000 and that got the third player in the hand to fold. Jhangiani also folded and the pot was shipped to Soltani, who moved to more than double the starting stack.

Paul Benichou has been able to make some chips early on as well and boasts 35,000, while Arthur Thevenot dropped to around 20,000. In one of the latest hands, the four-way board of 9h5cKc3dKs had created a pot of around 4,000 with 750 invested on the flop and a check through on the turn. Thevenot then bet 1,150 on the river and Marvin van Eyck raised it up to 2,700. The other two players in the hand including Corinne Hodebar folded, and so did Thevenot. Van Eyck moved to around 27,500 as a result.

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