Benichou and Adam Lose Pots

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 3 9/224

Level 22: 6,000-12,000 / Ante 2,000

Jean-Luc Adam raised to 28,000 and Paul Benichou called, as did Daniel Wojcik in the cutoff. On the flop of 10d 5d 4d, Adam bet 30,000 and Benichou folded, Wojcik raised to 112,000 and claimed the pot to get up tp 915,000.

Soon after, Benichou raised from under the gun and found a caller in Luca Giovannone. Benichou’s continuation bet on the As Jc 4s flop was called and he then bet the 9h turn for 45,000. Giovannone moved all in and Benichou asked for a count, then folded when it was 345,000 in total.

Benichou has dropped to 410,000, while Adam still leads with 1,170,000. Thanks to claiming the pot, Giovannone has 510,000.

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