Bellahsen First Casualty in the Money

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 14/134

Level 17: 2,000-4,000/500

While three tables are running in the $175 Satellite, the action is heating up in the $250 Warm Up. Alain Bellahsen became the first player to claim money after departing in 15th place. He got his stack of around 80,000 in with AdQs and Ricardo Cheng-A-June called with KhKd out of the small blind. The board came 10c6s3d7h10h and that was it for Bellahsen.

Marvin van Eyck was more fortunate, he called all in for 39,000 on the Qh10c4h flop with QdJd. Pierre Goetz had him dominated with AsQc, but the Jc turn and 8c river were in favor of van Eyck – who now has 80,000, Goetz dropped to 140,000.

Last but not least, short stack Vicent Distribue tripled up to around 40,000 with 6s6h against the Qc10s of Ray Carter and the As10d of Nicolas Compingt. Peter Hajszan was the shortest stack with just 6,000, but he also tripled up with Ad8d to get to around 25,000.

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