Banu Doubles with Aces

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1a 77/90

Level 6: 150-300 / Ante 50

The number of remaining players is almost the same since the last update, but the overall entries have increased to 90 to put the end well on the way to meet the guarantee. Among those to bust on the first bullet were Johan Dijkhoffz and Jean-Luc Adam while another big hand took place on the table of Mohammed Elmazouni and Charles Puglisi.

After a raise to 700, Puglisi flat-called and Teodor Banu then three-bet to 2,700. Elmazouni called in the small blind and the initial raiser three-bet to 9,000. Puglisi folded and Banu moved all in for 14,775. Elmazouni folded and later said in table chat he had pocket sixes.

The initial raiser called with Kd Kc only to see Banu turn over the Ah Ac. The board ran out 4c 4s 3d 2s 6c and Banu moved to 34,000. Elmazouni’s wild ride currently provides him with 40,000 while Puglisi is among the biggest stacks on 100,000.

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