Balayn and Isman Give Up; Maniez Busts

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 35/48

Level 6: 150-300 / Ante 25

On the Qc9s3d flop, Desmond Culbert bet and called the raise to 3,000 by Albert Balayn before the duo checked the Ks turn. On the 9d river, Culbert bet 15,000 into 8,500 with around as much behind. Balayn gave it some thought and folded the Qd face up, leaving himself on 47,000.

One table over, a min-raise to 600 by Marc Isman resulted in the three-bet by Corinne Hodebar and Isman called. On the Jd10c5s flop, Hodebar bet big, making it 5,025 to go, and Isman called. The 8c on the turn saw the instant shove of Hodebar for effectively 10,300, as that’s what Isman had left. The Frenchman ended up mucking the Jc, and Hodebar moved back to around 50,000.

Frederic Maniez was having a rough time at his table and that just came to a premature end. On the heads-up flop of 4h3c2h, Maniez check-raised to 3,000 with around 7,500 behind, and Jozef O’Neil raised to 6,100. Maniez gave him a staredown and then moved all in, O’Neil shrugged and called it off with the slightly bigger stack.

Maniez showed 9d9h and O’Neil had the gutshot and two overs in AhQd. The Qs turn and 7s river completed the board and Maniez was eliminated.

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