Back for Level Four

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 39/45

Level 4: 100-200

Jozef O’Neil entered with his first bullet while Desmond Culbert took the re-entry and make it 45 entries for Day 1c. This has boosted the total field to 77 entries, and the guarantee of $75,000 has been eclipsed.

Among the bigger stacks heading into level four were Arman Soltani (70,000), Corinne Hodebar (60,000), Ricardo Cheng-A-June (60,000), Albert Balayn (55,000) and Belkacem Habassi (40,000). Both Peter Hajszan (34,000) and Christophe Enrici (38,000) have started well into the final starting day also.

Furthermore, a $135 Survivor Side Event has kicked off, where 20% of the field get $500 each – so far there is one table running.

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