Ashdown is Down

$135 PLO Event 7/30

Level 15: 2,000-4,000

Peter Bosch bet the 9d5d3h flop for 4,000 and Tim Hicks was the only caller before doing so again for 10,000 on the 3s turn. After the 5s river, Bosch bet 15,000 and Hicks folded.

Right in the next hand, Ramesh Jithwani limped in and Gary Ashdown moved all in for his last 10,500 from one seat over. Angelo Flanders called in the big blind, as did Jithwani. The active players checked down the Kh9s3c flop and the Qh turn. On the Qs river, Flanders checked and folded a king to the bet of Jithwani.

Ashdown flipped over Ah8h7h6c and Jithwani claimed the pot with AdQd7d6h for trips queens.

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