Another Two Down

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 3/134

Level 22: 6,000-12,000/2,000

And then it took just three further hands to reduce the field to the last three.

First Gerhard Wassenaar raised to 40,000 and Marvin van Eyck called. On the 7s3h3d flop, Wassenaar checked and moved all in after van Eyck had bet 25,000. The Dutchman eventually folded 9h9c face up. One hand later, van Eyck then shoved for his last 70,000 and Wassennar called in the big blind with 5c4s. Van Eyck was ahead with AdJh, but the board came 10h9s9d5dQd.

Fast forward one hand, Ricardo Cheng-A-June raised to 25,000 and Wassenaar called in the small blind. Richard Smith moved all in for 89,000 in the big blind and Cheng-A-June called.

Richard Smith: KcQc

Ricardo Cheng-A-June: 9c9h

Despite picking up an additional flush draw along with his over cards, Smith would have to settle for 4th place after a board of 8c7dAd3c10s.

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