An Ace Every Damn Time

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 2 14/84

Level 16: 1,500-3,000 / Ante 500

Mario Eder scooped a pot against Mohan Karran and moved up to 215,000 before Akim El Allaoui then raised to 7,000 the next hand. On the button, Darius Tamulevicius three-bet to 20,000 and Karran then peeked at his cards before announcing all in. El Allaoui folded, but Tamulevicius counted out his stack, worth around 115,500, and called for his tournament life.

Darius Tamulevicius: QdQc

Mohan Karran: AhKc

The flop fell Ac9c2s and Tamulevicius let out an “every time there is a damn ace,” already grabbed his belongings. Neither the Jd turn nor the 9h river changed anything and the Lithuanian was eliminated. Karran won a vital flip and moved up to 260,000.

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