Adam Rising; Karkus and Bislick Chop

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 39/46

Level 4: 100-200

Jean Luc Adam has doubled since coming back from the dinner break and boasts 39,000, well above the average. But he has chip leader Arman Soltani to his direct left and that may provide further fireworks, with Belkacem Habassi on the same table as well.

A five-way hand saw the flop come Qc5d3s and Ramses Bislick bet 900 in the small blind. He was called by Anastasois Chatzikamaris and Corinne Hodebar, Viktor Karkus also came along while two other players folded.

On the Kh turn, Bislick check-called a bet worth 2,500 before checking in the dark and seeing the 3d on the river. Karkus checked behind and Bislick showed QdJd, Karkus chopped it up with Qs10s. Both players managed to profit and have 32,000 (Karkus) respectively 29,000 (Bislick).

Darius Tamulevicius entered soon after, and joked after getting just two cards – “oh, so this is not Omaha?” after having mainly played just that at cash game here so far.

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