Adam Caught Bluffing; Gowder Gone

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 3 12/224

Level 22: 6,000-12,000 / Ante 2,000

Walter Treccarichi and Jean-Luc Adam were in a battle of the blinds and the former check-called two bets before checking again the 8h 6d 7h 10h 3c river. Adam bet 82,000 and Treccarichi called. Adam showed a bluff and Treccarichi claimed the pot with the 10s 8c to bump his stack to 700,000, Adam fell to 980,000.

$365 NLHE Event #32 Day 2 17/96

Level 15: 1,200-2,400 / Ante 400

In a battle of the blinds, Gerard Henry pushed against Joe Gowder with Qd 9c and was trailing the Ac 2c of Gowder. The board came Js 9d 4d 10h Qh and Gowder was eliminated.

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