Adam Busts After Facing Two Dutchmen

$365 NLHE Event #22 Day 1 36/121

Level 11: 500-1,000 / Ante 100

On a flop of Ac 7d 6c, Cedric Adam bet 3,100 and Mohammed Elmazouni raised to 8,200. Stevan Prager folded and Adam called, then checked again the Ah turn. Elmazouni shoved and forced a fold, claiming in table chat he had 9c 8c.

Soon after, a three-way pot emerged after a raise to 2,100 and the flop of 10d 3d 6h was checked through. On the 3c turn, Jacco van Limpt bet 5,600 and just Adam called to see the Ac on the river. Van Limpt now shoved for 34,000 and Adam called for 28,000 with sevens, giving his opponent no ace. However, van Limpt flashed the Ad 2s and busted the Frenchman to boost his stack to 74,000.

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