Aces Hold; Tens Also

$365 NLHE Event #35 8/68

Level 21: 5,000-10,000 / Ante 1,000

For just 10,000, Aroon Maharaj moved all in and picked up three callers. They checked down the board Jh 7h 7d Ks 5c entirely and Maharaj claimed the pot with Ah As against 9c 9s, 10c 10s and Qs 8c.

Then, Pierre Legrand shoved and Maharaj called in the big blind with 9c 9d. Legrand had 10c 10h and doubled for 23,000 on a board of Jh 5c 4c 7c 2s to halve Maharaj’s stack.

The first hand of the new level saw a shove for 25,000 by Richard London and Hank Sitton folded in the big blind.

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