A quick look on Day 1b of the Warm Up in Level 5

The blinds for Day 1b of the $250 Warm Up have reached 100-200 with a running ante of 25 and the screens show 30 out of 33 players remaining. Before the 75-minute dinner break, there were 28 entries already and just two players had been eliminated. Both of the casualties happened on table two with the first one being Christophe Rosso.

Rosso shoved for around 5,500 on a queen-high turn with two hearts and Willie Janssen eventually called with ace-nine of hearts. Janssen had flopped the nut flush draw and turned third pair, while a gutted Rosso could only reveal pocket fives for a smaller pair. Soon after, Vincent Distribue was at risk with ace-three on an ace-high flop and Jozef O’Neil called with ace-jack, turn and river blanked.

While Distribue bought back in before the dinner break, Rosso did so when coming back for level five. He was seated next to Christophe Enrici, a fellow Frenchman that now calls Sint Maarten his home. Frederic Maniez was a late entry as well, while Vaea Profit, Claudie Nannini, Angelo Flanders and Patrick Alain were in their seats from the start.

Day 1b will play until the end of level 12, and this will cut down the remaining field considerably. Yesterday’s first starting day saw 7 players out of a 37-entry strong field back up, and those that run out of chips today can take another chance for Day 1c tomorrow.

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