A Day to Forget

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 34/49

Level 6: 150-300 / Ante 25

Peter Hajszan has been eliminated for a second time and Marc Isman just headed straight to the cash game table after running out of chips as well. Isman called a raise by Anastasios Chatzikamaris for 950 and then shoved into the check-raise of the Greek on a Jx10x8x flop.

Chatzikamaris called with AsJc and Isman only had Kh10h, the turn and river were blanks. Chatzikamaris moved up to around 39,000 and there are 34 players remaining. Only a few minutes later, the players were sent into the second break of the day, 15 minutes to relax and get something to eat or drink.

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